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Our Mission

The members of our club share a common interest in snowmobiling.  Although riding snowmobiles is our passion, we wish to serve the interests of snowmobilers by promoting their general welfare and safety.  As a member, we wish to develop a fraternal spirit among local snowmobile and other winter sports enthusiasts.  It is also our desire to provide a medium for the exchange of snowmobiling information and to perform desirable and lawful functions for the successful operation of the Inland Lakes Snowmobile Club and snowmobiling in general.


Sled registrations were 142,000 in 2014-15 and dropped 5% to 128,189 last year.  That means 5% less money available to pay for grooming, brushing, maintenance, insurance and repairs.  Due to this reduction in revenue only two groomer replacement are being purchased this year.  There were 135 groomers used last year and two repalcement are not nearly enough. (At his rate it would take 70 years to replace all the groomers) The price of groomers has increased $40,000 in the last two years. Without an increase in revenue the grooming of state trails will be reduced!  That means registering more sleds or increasing the fee for trail permits.

Indian River groomed 3,187 miles of trails last year at a cost of $12,855.95. 

Snowmobiling on Mackinaw Island now requires a $5 permit.  Some roads are now closed to snowmobiling due to excessive noise.

Sales of new snowmobiles in the U.S. were down 4% in 2016.  (56,006 vs. 58,299) Sales were down 12% in Canada. (50,,752 vs. 44,431)
Overseas Sales were down 37% with Russia leading the decline when they sod 6,275 units last year compared to to 33,000 the previous year.

Fifty years ago Ski-Doo produced 44,421 mashines.  The super Olympique had a 14.5 HP air-cooled 300cc engive that could go 48 mph.

Yamaha has moved it's snowmobile headquarters from Japan to Toronto.  All operations including product deelopment marketing and business planning will operate from Canada.

Yamaha is producing a 2 stroke engine that will be used on it's work machine.

Arctic Cat won a 46.7 million dollar patent infringement case against BRP. The ase was over patents involving PWC technology.


MSA is a volunteer organization dedicated to the success of snowomobiling in Michigan.  MSA facilitates over 10 million dollar snowmobile porogram that is 100% funded by snowmobilers.  Your $25 membership helps to provide MSA the funds necessary to attending meetings with the DNR, legislature and national forest groups to represent snowmobilers
MSA works at: 

Is our voice with the DNR and legislature in regulaltion of the state snowmobile proram

Without MSA we have no representation in Lansing

Protecting and preserving your privilege to ride

Representing your rights

Keeping you informed

Promoting safe and responsible use

Maintaining and enhancing trails







Inland Lakes Snowmobile Club
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Indian River, Michigan

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Meetings are held at 7:00 at the  Indian River Sportsman Club on old Onaway Road.  Feel free to stop in to see what we are all about.  Call Tom Konkel for more information.

Trail reports, weather and grooming information and sites is available on the helpful information tab.


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